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Another entry.

Mar. 18th, 2006 | 11:34 am
music: Some screechy woman dressed up as a viking.

The wizards have so far failed in the attempt of making a portable Hex, of which everyone is relieved. (Except Ponder Stibbons)

Sybil is still worrying about the Archchancellors strange behavior. I keep telling her it's the wizards own business and as long as it's not a crime to arrive at a party twice, leave them alone. She's not listening though, and I think she's invited herself to one of the wizards dinners. I've told her to keep an eye out for anything to help us spot nano-imp traces.

Sergent Cheery has done an excellent job with finding a dressmaker that won't make Rys look like a misshapen lampshade, as well as finding out other interesting information. I shall remember to ask Angua in future, whenever she comes back from that trip to Bonk with Sally. Apparently there's some trouble with the vampires and her family, and they're trying to prove that they can get along peacefully, or at least not rip each others throats out.
Still, I need her back soon, she's the only portable way of finding nano-imps we have.

The Patrician still hasn't signed in, I'll be interested to see what the sneaky bastard he's been doing.
I hope he comes back soon, I need to know if the guilds are planning anything. A clacks tower was burnt down last week. Two of the senior technicians have been found dead, and unofficially the assassins guild has admitted to a contract.
In retaliation, the bodies of two thieves were found behind the thieves guild. Assassins also suspected.

Igor's back, and he's caught his running noses. When he asked for help, somebody unimaginatively threw a hanky at him.

William De Word's on my case again. I'll try an arrange an interview or else he'll want to know why I'm not showing up. "Watch overrun", I can see it already. In 22 point type.

Carrot's been unusually quiet recently. I'd suspect he was moping without Angua, but that just wouldn't be Carrot. I'll set him a mission, hopefully he'll be back to normal soon.

Oh, and Sybil's still insisting on the diet.

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Entry 2

Feb. 22nd, 2006 | 04:26 pm

The Imps seem to have entered a hibber hyber highber sleeping period. This seems to be good, although when something seems to good to be true it usually is.

Sybil is putting up new wallpaper in the living room. This would seem to be fairly straightforward, but all of the Emmas and Willkins have somehow gotten involved, along with some other giggling idiots who seem to hand around these days. All that perfume can't be good for him, and I know they're a bad influence. He had an apologetic look on his face last time he burped.
However at least I have some time to type this without Sybil peering over my shoulder. Apparently she's been asked to help me with using this damn thing. I've been told that the wizards are coming up with a portable version, which means that there shall soon be no escape. Damn.

Carrot's confiscated all copys of the Times today, when he caught Nobby playing hangman with Brick using a copy of the Times.
All the 'a's are still missing, so Nobby claimed it was 'startin him off easy'. Given that Nobby still spells copper with a k, I think perhaps somebody else would be better to teach him his letters.

The main problem currently is that everyone and his dog (including Foul ol' Ron, ha!) seems to have found out that Rys is after a discrete dressmaker. Currently these are only rumours, but the minute it's not all hell will break lose. Therefore I'm assigning Cheery to try and find somebody who'll keep thier mouth shut. Usually I'd assign Angua to help, but I feel this is a dwarf matter. Instead the new Corporal Shinbreaker will be assisting, I'm assured she he's very reliable.

Carrot has just informed me that the Haystack reports that the imps are hyber sleeping as a prelude to thier mating season.

I knew it.

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(no subject)

Feb. 8th, 2006 | 10:13 pm

Oh gods, how do you use this thing?

Today has been, as Captain Carrot puts it, fun.
Speaking of Carrot, his report still hasn't been handed in and this is singularly uncharacteristic.
The Patrician has threatened a meeting to talk about how the population is dealing with the little buggers, and I don't think he's going to be impressed with the results. He's going to go all sarcastic on me, I just know it.
The zombies don't seem to be effected, the rest of the undead don't care, the dwarfs are threatening to decapitate (or at least de-kneecap) the alchemists guild unless they pay for what had previously been their mining tools, and the trolls just haven't noticed.
It's the humans that are the problem.
Mr Slant is as happy as Nobby is in a dressmakers (too happy? Investigate possible links to alchemists guild), There's been a riot already over in Nosuch street, the Assassins Guild has been painted in pink and green strips, Mr De Worde wants his A blocks back, whatever they are, the wizards are being as useful as a chocolate teapot and Sybil still insists that I attend Lord Scrimjaws wife's garden party.

And it's only 9 o'clock.

P.S. We're still low on staff. Where the hell is everyone?

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